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I decided to breed the German shepherd for work because I have always been in love with this breed and in particular with this bloodline, which in my opinion is the only bloodline to have the characteristics of the breed originally created by "Max v.Stephaniz", in particular that of the character, which has not been contaminated as in the exposure PTs (black and tan), which in my opinion are today selected almost exclusively for the morphological characteristics paying less and less attention to the character, in fact the selection of the German Shepherd sports / grisons unlike the PT for show consists by far in selecting a dog with a strong character, with a strong instinct for predation and an extremely balanced character, in fact the PT sports / grisons and particularly indicated for utility and defense training, watchdog when very territorial, but it is equally good for family life also in the presence of children to whom the dog will be incredibly protective. In addition, gray PTs are increasingly used, replacing in fact those used until recently in the field of civil protection, surface research and even the dog units of the army of the Italian Police forces but also now in the world are using work PTs .




The German Shepherd for work also called "grisons or black" is a dog selected on the basis of its character qualities, balance, courage, docility, maintaining the morphological characteristics of the breed always well evident in these animals, it differs from the German shepherd selected for the beauty tests, through the color of the coat, which almost always goes from wolf gray with various shades to full black, to fawn.This happens because gray is the dominant color in the German shepherd breed, which over the years through a targeted selection has been replaced, in show dogs, with black and tan.For this reason the German Shepherd for work, NOT CONTAMINATED by the selection for the exhibitions, maintains its ORIGINAL and rustic COLOR THE GRAY, THE BLACK, and above all reflects the character standard of the breed, which allows these subjects to be wonderful companion dogs for adults and children, and at the same time of good guard dogs, defense and social and cinematic activities.



The German Shepherd must be balanced, steady of nerves, confident, easygoing and (except provocation) of an absolutely good disposition. It must also be alert and docile, to be suitable as an escort, guard, defense, service and shepherd dog, it must also possess courage, combativeness and temperament.Work PTs are docile, curious and want to play, even with children. With the right education they adapt to family life.



The working German Shepherd has an innate protection instinct and, if trained in defense, inhibits the bad guys.



All the litters of the VOM TORFINI kennel have the affix recognized by ENCI "VOM TORFINI" and are the result of targeted breeding, in order to obtain subjects of the highest quality and genealogy, that is selected for sport, guard, defense and suitable also to family life.Only German stallions of the highest morphological and character qualities are used for the mares of this breeding.All the stallions used for the upstream and the mares of this breeding are in possession of IPO and Dysplasia-free patents.

All the puppies of the kennel are sold only after the sixtieth day of life, with Pedegree Enci, Microchip, Canine Registry Registration and all the expected health prophylaxis. In addition, a contract with all guarantees will be signed by both parties at the time of the transfer. Guarantees WRITTEN non-verbally

​(For Italian legislation the sale of dogs proposed as "purebred", without this quality being attested by the pedigree, is prohibited by Legislative Decree No. 529 of 30 December 1992.)




  Caivano (NA)

SS 87 Sannitica SNC 




It is always possible to come and visit the breeding by appointment, except when there are mares waiting for puppies, breastfeeding, or litters not yet undergoing sanitary prophylaxis. This for obvious hygienic-sanitary reasons.


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